3 Days Sipi Falls Tour

Walks to the Falls

A network of well-maintained (though often muddy) local trails gives you beautiful views of the area and on your way to the bottom of each of the three levels of waterfalls. It is possible to walk off on your own, but we recommend taking a local guide who can explain the flora and fauna and also negotiate the passage through private property.
Village and forest walks are also possible at Mt Elgon National Park's Forest Exploration Center nearby, though you will incur the national park fees to hike there. 


Coffee Tours

Aside from the falls themselves, a highlight to visiting Sipi is a tour that takes you through the entire coffee process at a nearby family farm. You will pick the coffee berries, to deshell and grind them with a traditional mortar and pestle, and roast them on an open fire, before - the best part - finishing with a fine cup of strong Arabica coffee.

Where does the hike to the Sipi falls start from? What is the best route to the Sipi Falls?

For many persons who take hikes up the prominent Mount Elgon, Sipi has in most cases been their starting point. Budadiri is the commonest of routes that has been a starting point for many hikers. Continuing with the sasa trail, until the peak, then downwards to the Sipi falls and then back into the Sipi falls. While at the Sipi falls, you are able to view gorgeous sites of the slopes of Mount Elgon, Lake Kyoga and the Plains of Karamoja.

Completing the circuit of the three fall series of the Sipi falls will require one to take part of the journey with a vehicle while you walk some distances of the hike. The hike will involve up and down movements on the slopes to reach from one water fall to the other. The roads and paths will be muddy especially if your hike is on a rainy day.


The Crow's Nest Hotel was built in 1900s with the assistance of 2 former Peace Corps volunteers, The Crow's Nest has a wonderful situation on a small hill about 500m before Sipi trading centre, offering a grandstand view to all 4 waterfalls along the Sipi River as well as to the peaks of Mount Elgon.
Accommodation is in simple log cabins. The restaurant has a great view, & serves a selection of stir-fry, spaghetti & local dishes.
For reservations Please contact Joseph at volunteers2ug@gmail.com.