Sports Education

As a volunteer on Sports Education project in Uganda, you will be placed in primary or secondary schools to assist with Physical Education classes and other sporting activities. This project is designed to provide students with personal development and team-building opportunities outside of the classroom in a fun and supportive environment.

This project is well suited to sports enthusiasts who are passionate about supporting the development of children.

When volunteering on this project, you can expect to follow the school curriculum and teach the topics scheduled for that term, however you are also welcome to introduce new sports if you bring or purchase the required resources and equipment. Football (soccer) is the most common sport in Uganda, however the children love learning new sports and you are welcome to share your favorite sports from home. It is important to note that you are required to teach other classes during your placement, such as Math, English, Science or Social Studies (Geography and History). You will be teaching these general classes in the morning and then the sport classes in the afternoon. There is also a soccer club where you will help teach children from the community who do not attend school, as their carers cannot afford to send them. The volunteer work at the soccer club involves teaching soccer, team-building and other social skills to provide learning opportunities to the children in a safe and supportive environment.

This project is open to all volunteers and prior experience in Sport Education is not required to participate.

Please note that because the Sports Education project is predominantly run in schools, the project will not operate fully during the school holiday periods. Volunteers can still attend the soccer club which still runs over the school holidays and generally has more children attending over these periods. In the schools, the final term of the year focuses less on Physical Education and more on studying other subjects in preparation for the end of year exams. During these times, volunteers will be placed on a holiday project run by our local team, or you can supplement your volunteer work with another project.

School Holidays:

  • 5th December - 5th February
  • 7th May - 28th May
  • 27th August - 17th September
  • 10th December - 4th February