About us


Volunteers 2 Uganda is a Non Government Organisation with registration No S5914/12354. formed in the year 2010 on the basis of strong Christian values by a group of five enthusiastic, action-oriented, social and professional servants as well as children from Uganda who were inspired by the spirit of solidarity, integrity, compassion, and appreciation for needy people. 

The Social Servants while moved with compassion got aware of the plight and other challenging conditions of life which have greatly affected the livelihoods particularly of the children, the elderly and their families in Uganda and in Africa as a whole. The African continent is regarded as having the largest number of children in the whole world and most of whom are poor orphans left by parents who have died of AIDS, Wars, Sickness, and while others are affected by extreme Poverty and Hunger. These poor people however have no hope for a better future, lack opportunities and lack access to basic facilities and rights such as education, health, clothing, food and other basic necessities. Nevertheless, VOLUNTEERS 2 UGANDA is dedicated to giving every person as well as their families an opportunity to reach their highest potential. 

Our Vision:  Volunteers 2 Uganda envisions restoring the love and care of God through offering voluntary services to the needy and most vulnerable members of our communities.

Our Mission: To uplift and empower needy and vulnerable people in the society by improving their quality of life through Health Care, Psychosocial interventions, Child Care, Education, Capacity Building, Livelihood, Skills Development, Empowerment, Linkages and Networking and other sustainable programs.

More so V2U aims at providing affordable Internship and Volunteering positions to people from allover the world in Uganda.

Today Volunteers 2 Uganda is able to send Volunteers and Interns to various parts of Uganda. You too can join us. Our work is to share the love of God together through joining hands and helping others.