Chrystal Children`s Center

Chrystal children’s center is a 24/7 Child Care Center for rescued and abandoned babies, orphans and vulnerable children, that had lost hope and love. The Center is a Registered Non Government Organization and an Early Childhood Development Center.

The Center offers Rehabilitation and Educational services to some of these children that we receive as a result of torture by step parents, their own parents and others dumped or abandoned by their parents. The center there for offers totally free services to these children which include, Education, Medication, Feeding, shelter and resettlement of those children whose close relatives have been tressed after the rehabilitation.

The center is located at Seguku, 10 minutes’ drive from the Volunteer accommodation.

Chrystal children’s center offers reading, teaching, child care, dance, music and drama.

The age of the kids varies from Day one old babies to 5 years of age. The List of their needs are endless hence if you can, Please feel free to carry, reading books, Crayons, pencils, games, kids clothing’s, bed covers, dippers, kids panties, Vaseline, rash creams,  feeding bottles, baby wipes, and medical supplies for the kids\ vitamins.

These children were deserted by their relatives and this is how Chrystal came in and collected them to have what is called a home, perhaps have open arms for them to be loved. Please feel free to carry whatever you can for the kids.

Difficulties faced at Chrystal Children`s Center
  • They find hardship in buying food supplies, as they do not have a funder and the children need good feeding as most of them used to sleep without food.
  • They lack enough emergency medical supplies, as the kids sometimes fall sick.
  • They lack sponsors for children yet, some of them should be in primary school
  • They lack enough clothing’s and shoes for the children.
  • They luck enough panties for them, and at the moment they do share
Why Chrystal Children`s Center need volunteers
  • They need volunteers to do baby-sitting of some of these children.
  • They need Volunteers to help bath these children, feed those that can’t feed etc.
  • They need volunteers to help the kids learn English and writing.
  • They need the volunteers to teach the kids music and drama
  • They want the volunteers to show the kids, that they can still be loved with open arms.
  • They need the volunteers to equip the children in game activities

Their website: http://chrystalchildrenscenter.com/

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Feel free to join the Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1784091551810183/


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chrystalchildrenscenter