Chrystal Children's Center

Chrystal Children’s Center is a 24/7 child care center for rescued and abandoned babies, orphans, and vulnerable children. The Center is a registered Non-Government Organization and an Early Childhood Development Center.

The center offers rehabilitation and educational services to children received as a result of abuse or abandonment by their parents. The center provides free services to these children, which includes: education, medication, food, and shelter, as well as resettlement of children whose relatives have been contacted after rehabilitation. Chrystal Children's Center is located in Seguku, 10 minutes drive from the volunteer accommodation.

The age of the children at the center varies from one day to five years. The list of needs is endless! Some of those needs include: reading books, crayons, pencils, games, clothes, bed covers, diapers, underwear, vaseline, ointments,  feeding bottles, baby wipes, vitamins, and medical supplies. Chrystal's provides a loving and supportive home environment for children who have been deserted by their families. Any donations are greatly appreciated. 

Chrystal Children's Center Needs
  • Food and nutritional supplies
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Educational sponsors
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Diapers and underwear
Chrystal Children's Center Volunteer Activities 
  • Baby-sitting the children
  • Bathing and feeding those children who are unable to do so themselves
  • Teaching the children to read and write
  • Teaching the children music and dance
  • Introducing new games and activities to the children
  • Showing the children love and support!

Website: http://chrystalchildrenscenter.com/

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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chrystalchildrenscenter