Friends of People With Disabilities

P .O Box  5731 Kampala | Tel : 07724049130775444047

Friends of People With Disabilities is a non-profit making community based organization which was founded through a community approach involving community leaders and village health teams (VHTs), hence resulting into the discovery of many children with a disability living under isolation and rejection due to stigma. The center is located on Garuga road, off Entebbe Road and it is about a 30 minutes’ drive from the volunteers’ house.

The center has 12 children with an age group of 4 to 28 years. The children are all dropped to the center by their parents or guardians everyday from Monday to Friday and they are picked up at the end of the days’ sessions.
The center carries out both children’s activities and self sustenance activities. Children’s activities include physiotherapy, self-maintenance, numeracy and literacy while income generating activities include but not limited to cookery, book making, craft making.

Why the center needs volunteers
  • To encourage home basic rehabilitation of the children through sensitization and economic empowerment of the parents.
  • To provide social support to the vulnerable, mentally and physically handicapped children.
  • The center requires new classroom blocks cause of the increasing number of children.
  • Activities carried out at the center
  • Physical and speech therapy for the children.
  • Play time with the kids teaching them different games and sports.
  • Minor teaching for a few of the kids.
  • Help to clean the children and teach them how to use the toilet.
  • Home visits.
  • Music, dance and drama.