Hebron Junior School

Hebron Junior School is located in Entebbe, along Garuga road in Nalugala village. It was begun by Lwanga Peter in 2010.

Vision: To become the best quality education developers, reach and lift the needy and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The school begun with only five (5) children, but now has a population of four hundred and thirty seven children (437). The school is accommodating forty (40) children, among which twenty (20) are total orphans. The school carries out activities which include; sports, HIV/AIDS awareness, scouting, and outreaches. Clubs of the school include; Red Cross, Debate, Reading, Scouts/Girl guides and HIV/AIDS awareness club.

School schedule: The school follows the Ministry of Education calendar. It follows a timetable in which it has physical education, games and sports every day, prayers every Wednesday, quiz every Thursday, HIV/AIDS counseling debates every Friday and academic assemblies every second Monday of the month plus normal lessons every day.

Staff: The school has a population of seventeen (17) staff members, among which thirteen (13) are teaching staff and four (4) are non-teaching staff.

Why we need volunteers
  • To help children improve on English speaking, reading, writing, shading and counting skills.To encourage children to learn new games and sports.
  • To teach teachers more knowledge of how to handle children as well to teach them new skills of teaching children in class and in co-curricular activities.
  • To teach children on how to improve on sanitation.

Our local staffs (placement managers) have made regular visits to the school to see if the volunteers are happy with the placement and to find out whether volunteers face any difficulties so that they can find solutions for their problems. Our placement managers also do visit the school to find out whether the directors of the school are of any help to the volunteers if there are problems still placement managers can work with the director to resolve any issues.
How volunteers can help
  • Volunteers can help in carrying scholastic materials
  • Volunteers can help if they carried some international text books
  • We as well require sports volunteers to carry sport attires for the kids and games