Highway Community Center

Highway Community Center is a child focused activity center, located on the Entebbe Road, almost opposite Express Supermarket. The center is run by Shay and Jackie. It is attended by children aged between 1 and 18 years.

During term/school time, the center is open from 1pm from Tuesday to Saturday, with Saturday being for older kids only. During holidays, the center opens at 9am from Monday to Saturday up to 6pm. The children engage in a number of activities, including music, dance, drama, reading, debates, puzzles, Art & craft and playing games with toys.

School holiday months are December and January, May and September.

Activities carried out by volunteers
  • Helping children improve on English speaking, reading, writing, shading and counting skills.
  • Encouraging children to learn new games and sports.
  • Teaching teachers more knowledge of how to handle children as well to teach them new skills of teaching children in class and in co-curricular activities.
  • Teaching children on how to improve on sanitation.
Our local staff has made regular visits to the
center to see if the volunteers are happy with the placement. This lets us know of any difficulties the volunteers are facing and how best to help. We also find out if the placement director is helping the volunteers. If there are problems, we can work with the director to resolve any issues.