Mutima Outreach Ministries

Mutima Outreach Ministries is a Christian Community Based organization which was established by Pastor Nanteza Lillian in 2013 at Victors Church International, Entebbe Uganda.

The inspiration to begin Mutima outreach ministries was after a prominent church member, Miss Nakato Rose, died of HIV/AIDS and left behind children who didn’t know how they would survive and had no one to help them. This greatly touched the heart of the Pastor and other brethrens. In 2014, they agreed to start a ministry to reach out to needy and vulnerable women and children through education, empowerment and support services.

The community outreach activities are carried out every Saturday of the month. They also have ongoing programs to support and empower vulnerable women, orphans, and children in the community.  These programs have really helped to improve the health and well-being of the community. With the help of volunteers, the ministry has been able to support the elderly, OVCs and women infected & affected by HIV\AIDS, by providing the following: scholastic materials,  sanitation and hygiene products, sensitization on public health issues, HIV testing and counseling, functional adult literacy programs, sexual reproductive health programs, and gender and human rights awareness.  In addition, they have helped establish income generating activities such as: catering, hair dressing, tailoring and design, handcrafts, weaving, etc., which are enabling women to earn a living and improve their overall well-being.

How Volunteers Can Help
  • Support in empowering women with more skills
  • Assisting with awareness of women's rights and responsibilities
  • Participating in community outreaches to the needy and vulnerable people in the community