Noah`s Ark for Children With Disabilities, Entebbe

Advocates for children with disabilities Entebbe is a center for special needs children, located in Entebbe, Wakiso District. The mission of this organization is to mobilize and empower parents and guardians of children with disabilities to advocate for their children’s rights to lead, receive an apporpriate education, enrich their lives, and reach their full potential.
  • Support for business development for mothers who are unable to work outside of home
  • Eye glasses for children with visual impairment
  • Hearing aids
  • Contribution for school fees
  • Support to provide physical or speech therapy for children
  • Disability is not inability

Specific objective
  • To enable the future of children with academic disability to become self sustainable, through provision of ideas and hands on skills.
What Type of Volunteers are Needed
  • Special needs volunteers
  • Childcare volunteers
  • Construction and renovation volunteers
How Volunteers Can Help at the Center
  • Provide social support to the vulnerable, mentally and physically disabled children
  • Provide support to children with minor disabilities in the child care section 
  • Construction support to build new classrooms for an increasing number of children 

Activities carried out at the center
  • Physical and speech therapy for the children
  • Play time with the kids, teaching them different games and sports
  • Academic education for several of the children
  • Teaching and assisting with activities of daily living
  • Retreats for the children to attend different social centers

Advocates for Children with Disabilities Values 
  • Love for each other
  • Self sustenance
  • Hard work