Pro Soccer Academy

Pro Soccer Academy (PSA) is a growing youth academy based in Kajjansi town, 8 miles from the Kampala-Entebbe road. It was founded by 5 coaches in the area in the late November 2016.

Preparing every aspect of the players’ game is vital in today’s modern game, so PSA has a mission of giving players the extra percentage needed to progress the next level.

PSA participates in youth soccer tournaments every holiday and trips are organized in December to give exposure to the players.

PSA started with four (4) players but so far it has 72 registered players; 7 players have 3 years, 14 have 4-8 years, 13 have 6-8 years, 14 have 9-10 years, 10 have 11-13 years, 14 have 14-17 years.

The players are willing to learn a new sport so volunteers should feel free to teach them a given sport. Volunteers will be placed in the different age groups in line with their preferences.

Equipment needed:
  • Soccer balls 
  • Bibs
  • Cones
  • Markers
  • Portable goal posts
  • Soccer boots
  • Corner flags