Volunteers work with rescued and endangered species of reptiles in Uganda, Activities therefore include

Assist the resident veterinary surgeon in their many duties including handling reptiles, their feeds, diagnosis and treatment of tropical animal diseases, filling and keeping animal records and handling medicines.  No prior experience is required. International volunteers should bring gloves, work boots and lab coats.

Species of reptiles 

There is a total of 50 reptiles which are categorized into 20 species. You can directly see most of these reptiles where they are cared for. There are dens which were built for some reptiles and you can watch them from there. You’ll be thrilled to see reptiles such as cobras, Gabon viper, Nile monitor lizards, boom slangs, chameleons and tortoises among others. This is one of the unique areas in Uganda where you have a chance to see the care takers of these reptiles play around with snakes that you would not expect to be friendly.

Snake Species
The snakes on display include the following:

  • Mambas
  • Pythons
  • Cobras
  • Puff adders

Regardless of how poisonous some of these snakes are, they know the best way to handle them and this is where you can have such unique experiences.

Significance Reptile Volunteer Program

The main significance is to educate the volunteers and community that they can engage in eco-tourism which involves community effort in protecting the wildlife and conserving our environment. Wildlife and the environment is part of heritage which we have to preserve for generations to come.