Resilient women’s organization (RWO): HIV/AIDS support

Resilient women’s organization (RWO) is a registered grass root non-profit organization established in 2014 to support those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda. It currently carries out operations and activities within areas of Kitala, Kigungu and Nakawuka, with its main office in Kitala, off Entebbe road.
Activities to be done by the volunteers
  • Community awareness. Testing, counseling and connection to the right medical personnel for those on ARVs.
  • Nutrition education. This is mainly given to the HIV+ people plus those looking after HIV+ people.
  • Awareness in schools. This is done once the school resumes.
Volunteer information
  1. Skills needed
There are no specific skills required of the volunteers. However, volunteers with medical experience as well as those who have experience in HIV/AIDS are also needed.
  1. Pre-departure preparation
Before coming to Uganda, volunteers may need information on hygiene, nutrition in line with HIV/AIDS in general. Volunteers can also draw up lesson plans for the various sensitization sessions in schools.

Volunteers are required to have scrubs or lab coats during testing days and have closed shoes every day they are coming to the placement. Volunteers may also be required to carry out the actual testing, so some experience in handling needles is required and volunteers can be taught, though it’s not a must for them to do the testing.

Volunteers are advised to fundraise for the purchase of HIV testing kits, malaria testing kits, condoms and de-worming tablets since these items always ran out during the service delivery. Volunteers who can be able to come with these items can as well do so, as long as they are not expired.

The placement directors will always communicate on where activities will be carried out depending on the given week. However, volunteers will be required to save at least 5 USD per day to cater for the transportation to and from the villages since they are at a far distance from the accommodation.