Resilient Women’s Organization (RWO): Women`s Education

Resilient Women’s Organization (RWO) is a registered grass root, non-profit organization established in 2014 to empower the well-being of child mothers and young women in Uganda. It currently supports 30 young mothers and their children and its main office is located in Kitala, off Entebbe road. It offers a wide range of programs to positively impact mothers and their children.
Activities to be Done by the Volunteers
  • Organizational support. Here, the volunteers take time to check out how the organization works, they go through the profiles of the girls, updating the files in the process.
  • Teaching. Beginner's English, small business management, basics of good nutrition and reproductive health.
  • Counseling.
  • Music, dance and drama.
  • Women Empowerment. Tailoring, Hairdressing and craft making. (Jewelry, bags, sandals, etc…)
  • Farming.
Areas of Operation
  1. Kitala. This is where the main office is located. It also has a shelter for 14 women, 5 of them with babies.
  2. Kigungu. Here, the placement carries out the women’s education outreach project.
  3. Nakawuka. This is where the placement carries out the farming project. It is also a proposed site for a second shelter for teen mothers.
NB: The Placement Directors will always communicate on where activities will be carried out depending on the given week. However, volunteers will be required to save at least 5 USD per day to cater for the transportation to and from the villages since they are at a far distance from the accommodation.