Sancta Maria Nursery & Primary School 

Sancta Maria nursery& primary school is a private school and it’s a mixed Day & Boarding school located along Entebbe Road, BulondeBweya next to Kajjansi Airfield. The school offers moral and academic programs to children from Nursery to primary three (P.3). The school offers a wide range of activities like Teaching, Swimming, Day care programs, music, dance & drama, sports education (football and Netball).  On the teaching programs the subjects taught include math, English, Reading & counting, Drawing, and social studies.

The school schedule starts from 8:00am up to 4:00pm. The school handles over 40pupils both boys and girls and it has a qualified staff who are Caring, Loving and motherly towards the children whereby they work jointly together to promote the vision of the school. The school has a well stocked Library, Good classrooms and a school van. The school does all it can to make the volunteers life comfortable through availing the variety of the programs for the selection to avoid boredom. The teachers work hand in hand with the volunteer to make sure that he/she achieve the desired goals for his/her voluntary trip.

Why the school needs volunteers
  • To help children improve on English speaking, reading, writing, shading and counting skills.
  • To encourage children to learn new games.
  • To teach teachers more knowledge of how to handle children as well to teach them new skills of teaching children in class.
  • To teach children on how to improve on sanitation.
Our local staffs (placement managers) have made regular visits to the school to see if the volunteers are happy with the placement and to find out whether volunteers face any difficulties so that they can find solutions for their problems. Our placement managers also do visit the school to find out whether the directors of the school are of any help to the volunteers if there are problems still placement managers can work with the director to resolve any issues.

About transport

Our V2U van will be picking you up from the volunteer house in the morning from Monday to Friday at 8:00am and drops you at the Gaz station where the school van will be waiting for you to take you to the school and still at around 2:30pm still the school van will drop you at Gaz station where V2U van will be waiting for you to take you back at the volunteer house along with other volunteers.